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37 earrings made of grandma's necklace


In 1961, Marianne, the grandmother of All Blues co-founder Jacob Skragge, purchased a 37 necklace in Israel made out of 37 Amber stones. In 2016, she passed away wishing for neither herself nor her belongings to end up being forgotten in a box. Marianne rather wanted to be spread along with the wind.


Our homage to her wish was to create 37 earrings, each baring one of the stones from her original necklace. One stone (earring) was dedicated to her daughter, one to Jacob and the other 35 were spread across the world.


During Marianne’s trip to Israel in 1961, photographer Dimitrios Harissiadis, who was based in Tel Aviv at the time, captured the livelihood of local people, culture, architecture and nature. The image on the first spread of this book After Exodus portrays a busy walking street in Tel Aviv, featuring Marianne on her way to a market.


All 37 earrings were handmade and individually numbered in the All Blues goldsmith farm outside Stockholm. The other co-founder of All Blues, Fredrik Nathorst, was responsible for the curation, product design, photography and the visuals of this project.

Original necklace
1 / 37

The earrings are sold out and will for obvious reasons never be produced again.

Scans from Efter Exodus

Dimitrios Harrisiadis